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Top-Rated Commercial Solar Systems

At Twilight Renewables, we offer and install commercial solar systems that drastically cut electric costs and increase the value of your property! Our team will work with you from the beginning to create a commercial solar system solution that works well for your farm or business, no matter how big or small.

Numerous advantages come with the installation of our commercial solar systems on your property. Some include:

  • 30% of system costs are eligible for a federal tax credit, which can be sold to other entities.
  • 85% of your commercial solar system can be depreciated over 6 years.
  • PA Utility Companies are offering a rebate program through 2026 that covers 20-25% of the project cost in the first year in cash.
  • Solar Renewables Energy Credits, with roughly $.03/kWh of value
  • Low solar installation cost
  • Protects your business or farm from energy volatility in the next 25 years.
  • Can easily be financed.
  • 30-year production warranties on solar panels

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Improve Farm Operations with Our Agricultural Solar Panels

With years of experience, our professional team has the industry-leading knowledge to seamlessly install and develop a solar system for your barn without slowing down your daily operations. For up to 30 years, our agricultural solar panels will work to help control your energy usage. We also offer servicing and maintenance options for those years. Our team is here to help you increase the success of your farm!

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Business Solar Panels to Increase Your Efficiency

Our team understands that the initial investment of solar panels may appear a bit daunting. However, with every installation, we strive to have loan payments at or below what you’re already paying for your current electric bill. We don’t want you to change or modify your budget. Our business solar panels work to save you money in the long run, while at the same time increasing overall productivity. See immediate savings today with our financing options!

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Serving commercial and residential property owners, our team has experience installing commercial solar systems you’ll be sure to love! If your business goals include increasing efficiency, decreasing energy consumption, and saving costs, our commercial solar systems are the perfect solution for you.

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