solar panel project on colebrook road in mount joy pa


Take your electric bill out of your monthly budget!


What does a solar system cost to install?

A general rule of thumb is 120-180 times your electric bill. Your probably thinking, “wait that’s 10-15 years of electric bills!”. That is correct, but utility rebates, federal tax credits, and state incentives typically cut that payback in half (5-8 years is typical)

How long do solar panels last?

Solar panels are classified as a solid-state device, meaning they have no moving parts. Since there are no moving parts, panels typically do not stop working outright, but rather follow a gradual degradation curve that is typically 15% of loss after 30 years. This curve is backed by the solar module manufacturer’s warranty.

Does my electric bill go away?

No, solar eliminates the electricity charges from your utility bill, but some fixed charges still apply to maintain service with the utility. These charges typically amount to roughly $20.

Does solar power my building during a power outage?

Most systems we install are designed to shut down in the event of a power outage. This is due to safety standards, to prevent electricity from feeding back into the grid, creating a dangerous situation for power line workers.

If a backup power function is desired from your solar array, additional equipment can be installed to accomplish this.